Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Legally Buy This Wee Plot Of Irish Land?

Unlike other jurisdictions Northern Ireland still permits the sale of ‘souvenir plots of land’ under Contract Law. These wee plots of Irish land can be sold without the requirement of the same registration if you bought a house or small area of land in The Republic of Ireland, UK, Europe or any other international jurisdiction. Emerald Heritage is the first and only Irish conservation project of its kind and we worked with the Registry to develop this project.

Within your pack is Certificate of Sale (written by a NI solicitor) to confirm that ownership has been transferred to you. When you purchase your plot we submit your application to the Registrar at the Registry of Deeds on your behalf, if you make this choice during the payment process.

Please note: Emerald Heritage is not under any legal obligation to Register the Plots and it is in fact in Law, entirely up to the landowner to do so. We only send the Registry of Deeds applications into the Registrar for the convenience of our landowners.