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Wandering The Wild Atlantic Way

If we could encourage our squires, squiress and squireens to do just one thing during their time in the old country, it would be this.


Take friends, family and a car good enough to get you from A to B and you’re all set to explore the unforgettable untamed coast that we call home.

With 1500 miles to cover it can seem like a daunting prospect but take it slow, see what you can and savour every moment. This coastline has been shaped over thousands of years and it isn’t going anywhere just yet.

We would highly recommend seeking out the unforgettable sights of the imposing Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs can be found in County Clare and you’ll see sheer drops of 700 feet as land disappears suddenly to become the Atlantic Ocean.

Each area and each county retains a character unique unto itself and it’s all there waiting for our landowners to explore.


A journey along the Wild Atlantic Way can be made that bit extra special with a stop off in one of Ireland’s largest gaeltacht towns, Dingle. The little fishing town, found in the glorious kingdom of County Kerry, can give you a real feel for the quaint Ireland of old.

We’d recommend this as being the ideal time to stock up on some of the best Guinness in the country.


For something different, unlikely to found anywhere else and definitely nowhere else in Ireland, visit and experience The Burren, also in County Clare.

A strange mix of exposed limestone pavement, scrub, lakes and springs makes up the majority of Ireland’s sixth largest national park.

What are you waiting for? The Wild Atlantic Way is yours to discover.

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