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2021 Squireens Homecoming Event

​Take a Trip to Ireland Every year the Emerald Isle sits with arms open on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean waiting to welcome more visitors to her shores. From the Ring of Kerry to the Rebel County of Cork, from Malin Head to Croke Park in Dublin, there really is a story waiting to be told for everyone…

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Legacy and Land - The Most Unique Irish Gift Idea!

​Have you ever struggled to come up with a truly unique Irish gift for someone special of Irish descent? Whilst Irish chocolate, whisky, pottery, crystal, linen, claddagh rings and Celtic themed jewellery are all up there on the Irish gift ideas lists, perhaps there’s a lesser known but more unique Irish gift you can buy that will surprise and delight the recipient!

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A Guide to Glenveagh National Park

Glenveagh National Park is a place of stunning natural beauty, peace and solitude, set within the mountainous countryside of County Donegal. It’s regularly visited by tourists and locals alike, so we thought we’d highlight some of the key questions so you’re well prepared, should you decide to see it for yourself!

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8 Irish Islands to Visit

​The Emerald Isle is famed for her rugged, wild landscapes and the many islands dotted around the coastline are no different. Whilst there are countless islands, each containing its own secrets and stories, we have picked out a few of the most interesting, and worth of a visit during your travels.

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17795 The Sperrins

5 Reasons Not to Visit Ireland

2019 is here! It’s the final year of the decade and for many the arrival of a new year involves drawing up bucket lists of where to go and what to do over the year ahead. For some of you, that might involve a trip to Ireland but we hope to convince you to stay put…

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Powers Hill At Gettysburg Web

How Many Irish Fought in the American Civil War?

The American Civil War rightly lives long in the memory of men and women in the United States but here on the Emerald Isle it was a story from a far-off, distant land. For many in Ireland, the Civil War was unconnected to their home, but history tells a different story.

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A Guide to Newgrange

​Newgrange, also known as the Newgrange Monument, might not be as famous in the modern world as the likes of the Cliffs of Moher, the Guinness Storehouse, and the Giant’s Causeway, but it’s arguably more important than all of them combined. This large man-made monument is a testament to Ireland’s history and holds a millennia of stories within…

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Irish Christmas Decoration Traditions

​Although the festive madness now seems to start well in advance of December, a traditional Irish Christmas usually begins mid-December, and only officially on Christmas Eve before finishing on January 6th with the “Little Christmas”.

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8 Irish Gifts for the Home

We believe a little bit of Ireland should be present in every home…but then, you could say we’re a little biased when it comes to all things Irish. However, if you agree with us then read on. We’ve selected a few choice Irish gifts for the home. Perfect for family, friends, or a wee treat to yourself during the Christmas season.

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Irish Pudding

How to Make an Irish Christmas Pudding

​No matter what, you can guarantee that Christmas in Ireland will include a hearty supply of the finest food and drink available. From Bailey’s to roast dinners, tables will be set for family and friends to enjoy and many of them will include a traditional Irish Christmas Pudding.

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The Most Famous Irish Christmas Song

Do you know Ireland’s most famous Christmas song? Ireland has long celebrated Christmas and, being such a musical nation, it’s only natural that would result in countless Christmas songs, both traditional and modern. However, one song stands out amongst all others.

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Ireland in December

Ireland can be a magical, enchanting place no matter what time of year you come to visit. We might be known for our rainy days but our summers can be glorious, our autumns filled with colour, and our spring days bursting with life in the fields and forests that surround our towns and cities. That being said, we’ve had plenty of questions over the years about visiting Ireland in December.

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Notre Dame

Why are Notre Dame called “The Fighting Irish”?

The University of Notre Dame du Lac, to give its full title, is one of America’s most famous college football institutions, but why is a mid western college, with a French name, called “The Fighting Irish”? We decided to explore the history behind one of the biggest Irish sporting institutions, outside of the Emerald Isle.

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32434 Saint Patrick S Festival  Downpatrick

How Irish Dancing was Invented

​Much like storytelling, Gaelic games and traditional music, Irish dancing is an integral part of Ireland’s history, culture and heritage. Whether you live here on the Emerald Isle, are part of a diaspora in another country, or simply appreciate Irish culture from afar, chances are that you’ve seen Irish dancing in one shape or form.

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28209 Royal County Down Golf Club

Irish Likes and Dislikes

​Whether you’re born and bred in the Emerald Isle, have Irish family, or just a random Irish friend, chances are that you’ll know we’re a passionate people for the most part. We care deeply, take things to heart and tend to overreact…from time to time. It’s not as bad as it sounds. We’re lovers rather than fighters!

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A Guide to Killarney National Park

​Ireland might be a blanket of lush green countryside but like most countries, there is still a genuine need for conservation and Killarney National Park is a shining example of what that conservation can do. From majestic mountain peaks to dense bogs and woodlands, the Killarney National Park packs it all in for the enjoyment of both the Irish people and tourists from afar.

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What is Ireland's Flag?

To some flags mean everything, to others very little. That is just as true in Ireland, as anywhere else. Some see the flag and it evokes history, struggle, heroes and heartbreak, yet others walk past it completely oblivious. In Ireland that flag is the Irish tricolour (trídhathach na hÉireann).

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How to Say Cheers in Irish

Here in Ireland we’re lucky. We might be a small country, just a tiny little island on the edge of the Atlantic, and we might get the odd drop of rain (understatement…), but that smallness has lead to a familiarity and oneness that other countries might not have in the same way.

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Feature Chauncey Olcott When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

​Irish life and culture is filled with countless famous songs. From classics like Dirty Old Town, Black Velvet Band and Danny Boy, to modern anthems like Beautiful Day, Fairytale of New York and Zombies, the Emerald Isle is constantly filled to bursting with music. However, for many in the Irish diaspora around the world, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling holds particularly dear.

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Small Causeway Sunset

A Guide to the Giant's Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is one of our most famous tourist attractions and was first referenced and discovered as an attraction as far back as 1692! We’ve answered a few key questions about the Giant’s Causeway to help you plan your trip or simply feed your curious nature.

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What is Ireland's National Sport?

Love it or hate it, sport is a massive part of national life no matter where you are on the globe. It’s no different here in Ireland and, for such a small nation, we regularly excel in producing some of the best sporting men and women on the planet. Despite the famous names and countless achievements you might be wondering, what is a classically Irish sport? What is Ireland’s national sport?

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Medium Dublin Docklands Liberty Hall 2
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What do the Irish Eat?

Ireland, like most countries nowadays, is filled with food and drink from all over the world. Walk into any supermarket, or down any high street, and you’ll be able to grab American style burgers and fries, Indian curries, Italian dining, Mexican burritos and so much more. Despite the influx of new dishes there are still plenty of Irish classics that remain staples of many Irish household diets.

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Medium Kylemore Abbey 07

A Guide to Kylemore Abbey

For many it’s the romance of Ireland that draws them to this island. Centuries of history, folklore and culture are packed into a relatively small space meaning you’ll find a gem around every corner. Kylemore Abbey is one of those gems. If you haven’t visited yet, read on and plan your trip as soon as possible.

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Liam Neeson

9 Famous Irish Actors and Actresses

​The Irish are famed as a nation of storytellers, blessed with the gift of the gab, so it should come as no surprise that some of the most renowned actors and actresses in the world hail from the Emerald Isle. This isn’t a catchall list as there have been countless names down the years, simply a look at some of the most famous faces donning our screens today.

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Old Money

What is Ireland's Currency?

With the rise of smartphone payment systems, touch payments and digital currencies, physical money might slowly become a thing of the past but, for now, it’s fun to look back at coins and notes that used to feature in every day life.

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Medium Dressing Up For Bloomsday With At It Again

Which Irish Author wrote Ulysses?

Every year, on June 16th, a strange event occurs on the streets of Dublin… Passersby will witness crowds dressed in Edwardian clothing, street acting, pints being shared and more. What’s all of this in the name of we hear you ask? Chiefly, the famous Irish writer James Joyce and his masterpiece, Ulysses, but more of that later…

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20397 Rose Cottage

5 Steps to be more Eco Friendly

​If you’ve been following our Emerald Heritage story for a while, either as a bonafide Squire, Squiress or Squireen, or just as a curious onlooker, you’ve probably gathered that we care about all things environmental, conservation and eco-friendly.

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A Guide to the Guinness Storehouse

Ireland’s most famous export (well, maybe after U2’s Bono…) has been the Emerald Isle’s drink of choice for countless decades if not centuries! The famous pint of black, dark ruby red with a thick creamy head, was first brewed up by Arthur Guinness way back in 1759! Since then it’s been brewed in over 50 countries and is currently available in over 120.

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May Special Offer!

​Dear Squires, Squiress and Squireens The end of a long (seriously, seriously long...) winter and the arrival of some glorious summer weather here in Ireland has us feeling particularly happy! With that, we thought we would give a little back as an early summer gift to you!

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What is Ireland's National Anthem?

For some a national anthem can represent the very fabric of the country they hold so dear, yet for others it can mean little. Ireland, and her people, has a similar relationship and connection with their national anthem. Some claim the anthem as an important piece of culture and heritage whilst others are open to change and review.

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Jfk Motorcade Ireland

How Irish was John F Kennedy?

To say that the Kennedy’s and Ireland go hand in hand is an understatement of huge proportions. The Kennedy’s, that quintessential political dynasty and embodiment of the American dream, are as “Irish” as they come. From their very roots right through to the present day, the family has retained its heritage as well as come to be shaped and defined by it in some cases.

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Mi Famine Irish Canada Grosse Ile And The Irish Memorial National Historic Site

Why did the Irish come to Canada?

When people think of Irish immigrants from centuries gone by, many instantly think of America and the cultural melting pots of New York City and Boston, but the worldwide Irish diaspora know better. Millions of men and women around the world know that other emigration hotspots like Australia, New Zealand and, in this case, Canada became homes from home for hundreds of thousands of Irish.

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Feature Roche 1987 Gw

What Irishman Won the Tour de France?

​It’s one of Ireland’s greatest ever sporting accomplishments but very few, outside of the cycling and sporting world, will know the name of the victor. Ask an Irishman or woman, walking down any street in the country, to name Ireland’s greatest sporting heroes and chances are they’ll name the likes of Brian O’Driscoll, Sonia O’Sullivan, Roy Keane, Pat Spillane, Henry Shefflin and George Best.

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19651 Glens Walking Festival

Where is Ireland on a Map?

If you’ve never visited Ireland before then we can forgive you for asking the question “where is Ireland on a map?” Don’t worry, we understand! Ireland, and the Irish name, might be famous around the world but we know it’s a small country and the world is a big place. It’s easy for our little corner of the globe to get lost amidst all the madness!

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When to Travel to Ireland

​You’ve probably noticed before but we’re big fans of Ireland and the romance and attraction of the Emerald Isle. However, even though we’re Ireland’s biggest fans, we understand that not everyone can visit all the time and as such, you probably want to figure out the best time to come over.

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How Irish Whiskey is Made

​Is there anything better than a little nip of Irish whiskey to warm the soul? Over the centuries Irish whiskey (different to Scottish whisky or Scotch) has been enjoyed by countless natives here on the Emerald Isle and then, in more recent times, by millions worldwide. There’s no denying its popularity or appeal but you might be wondering how is Irish whiskey made? Where did it come from?

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Irish In Nyc

What Irish Immigrants Brought to America

Over the centuries flashpoints in Ireland’s history has resulted in huge swathes of Irish men, women and children leaving the Emerald Isle in search for new identities and opportunities. Although the Irish have travelled as far and wide as New Zealand, Brazil, India, mainland Europe and more, their influence can perhaps be seen and felt strongest in the United States of America.

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16524 Game Of Thrones Above Murlough Bay Renly S Camp

Why Ireland has no Trees

Ah Ireland, that beautiful blanket of green fields and dense forests, or maybe not? The Emerald Isle we know and love is still green and a quick look at images of Ireland from above will pay testament to that to this day but her forestry is another matter…

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Stock Photo Boston 57326784

How Irish is Boston?

For Americans, and much of the western world, Boston and the Irish go hand in hand. For over a century now the initial outsiders from the Emerald Isle and the east coast city have been intrinsically linked. Over the last 150+ years the sons and daughters of Irish immigrants have interwoven Irish culture, history and heritage so that it’s now hard to imagine Boston without a Celtic twist.

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Slemish Mountain 3

Why Ireland Has No Snakes

As we inch closer towards March 17, the feast day and public holiday of Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, the usual myths, legends and stories come out of the woodwork for another year.

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Medium View Of Skelligs From Coomanaspic Discovery Point Co Kerry 4

A Guide to Skellig Michael

Whether you’re a native of the west coast of Ireland, a Star Wars fan, interested in stunning natural locations or just a fan of all things Irish, chances are you’ve heard of or seen Skellig Michael. If not, then take a look at this before reading on…

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History Ireland Jpg2

How Ireland Got Its Name

Mention the name “Ireland” on any corner of the globe and most will think of green fields, pints of Guinness, live traditional music, great craic, storytelling, centuries of history, culture and more! That being said, it’s always interesting to explore the origins of a name as important as that of your country. So, we did a little digging…

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Irish Pub Etiquette

​Thinking of visiting an Irish pub sometime soon? Great! The classic Irish pub, of which there are many variations but the soul remains the same, is a great place to spend an evening or nip in for a quick pint between sightseeing, shopping, work or whatever else you’re up to.

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France Vs Ireland Rugby World Cup 2015 Match 39 October 11

Ireland in the Six Nations

It’s that time of year again. Six Nations time! If you’re not a massive rugby fan, or not currently living in Ireland or one of the other five nations involved, this annual competition might pass you by but for sports fans on the Emerald Isle, it’s huge!

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A Guide to the Cliffs of Moher

A visit to the Cliffs of Moher, one of Europe’s largest cliff faces, will reveal cliff faces that rise to incredible depths, beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and a walk along the path that takes the breath away.

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How to GPS Locate your Irish Plot of Land

Congratulations! You’re now officially the owner of a small plot of Irish land located in the Glendun Wood! You’re now a Squire, Squiress or Squireen of Ireland. Now, to find the exact GPS location of your Irish plot of land, follow the simple steps below.

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26446 Strangford Lough

The Top Irish Tourist Attractions in 2018

If you ask us, everyone should visit Ireland at least once in their life. We know we might be slightly biased but after the recent Lonely Planet 2018 award, for Belfast and the Causeway Coast, we think it’s fair to say 2018 is the year to make that happen! To help you plan, or to nudge you will even more inspiration, we’ve listed the top Irish tourist attractions for 2018 below. Enjoy!

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In Belfast 274 Jpg

How St Patrick’s Day is Celebrated in Ireland

​As calendars turn from one year to the next, and Christmas celebrations become New Year plans, attentions in Ireland turn firmly towards this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Besides Valentine’s Day (which isn’t celebrated by everyone…), St Patrick’s Day represents the first big public holiday of the new year in Ireland and as a result it’s usually something most look forward to!

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Tree Planting at Glendun Oak Woodland

​During the Christmas holidays, and just before 2017 ticked into 2018, we partnered up with environmental experts NuaTree to plant 1500 native Irish trees on Emerald Heritage soil. More specifically, the land proudly owned and shared by our Squires, Squiress and Squireens.

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Dec New 21 12 11 08

What are Irish Christmas Traditions?

​Christmas in Ireland is one of the best times of the year. As December 25th draws ever closer the country gets swept up in festive cheer as families and friends come together to celebrate the birth of Christ, the arrival of Santa and a chance to unwind after another busy year.

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Medium Northern Headlands Malin Head Bambas Crown Dsc6117 Mf

Why Ireland is the Best Country in the World

We know. When it comes to choosing “the best country in the world” we might be slightly biased. However, us Irish are infamous for being too humble and doing ourselves a disservice so hear us out. We feel like we do a pretty good job of showing just how incredible a country Ireland is but, if you’re still not 100% convinced, read on…

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Irish Famine Memorial 001

Irish Memorials and Statues in Australia

Ireland and Australia might be thousands of miles apart (9666 miles according to Google) but both nations share a deep, long-lasting bond largely created by different periods of mass immigrations from the Emerald Isle to the other side of the world. As a result, the land down under and the 32 counties are more connected than you might ever expect.

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The Quiet Man

Where in Ireland was The Quiet Man Filmed?

​The Ireland we know today might have a long, close-knit, relationship with Hollywood and film in general, with countless Irish men and women making their names on the big screen, but in 1952 the 32 counties we know and love were alien and unknown to many audiences outside of our country.

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Medium Cushendun Caves
Shanes Castle Bridge

Legendary Irish Gods and Goddesses

From the beautiful shores on the north coast to the rebel county of Cork in the south, and everything in between, Ireland is a land littered with stories, myths and legends. As a result, the Emerald Isle is a rich tapestry of Gods and Goddesses. This isn’t a definitive list but we wanted to highlight some of Ireland’s most famous sons and daughters from another world.

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Halloween And Samhain Celebrating The Harvest Honoring The Dead Praying For Light’S Return Featured Image

The Irish Origins of Halloween: Samhain Festival

​Almost everyone the world over knows about Halloween. From trick or treating to bonfires, and pumpkin carving to scary games and stories, the holiday has become a staple in the western world but do you know its origins? It might come as a surprise but the holiday as we know it today actually originates from here on our very own Emerald Isle!

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Guinness Pints

Which Irish Drinks are Famous?

​Ireland is famous for many things and when people think of the Emerald Isle they think of our incredible landscape, breathtaking coasts, the “craic”, our famous sons and daughters and also our drinks. From Guinness to Irish coffee to a plain old cup of tea, Irish people up and down the country love nothing better than enjoying a good drink together.

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Kattegat So3

Where in Ireland is Vikings Filmed

Fans of the History Channel’s epic Vikings series will be no strangers to the incredible scenery throughout. The TV series, which follows Norse legend Ragnar Lothbrok around in the 9th century as he pillages and conquers lands far and wide, is based in Ireland and has consistently shone a light on some of the most beautiful aspects of the Irish landscape since it first started back in 2013.

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Medium Glendalough 5

A Guide to Glendalough

Whether you’re researching an upcoming trip to Ireland, a local or just someone with a keen interest in Irish landmarks, chances are you’ve heard of Glendalough.

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Dark Hedges 2

Which Irish Actors are in Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is arguably the biggest TV series ever. Since it hit our screens in 2011 it has become a resounding success and due to the numerous Irish filming locations used throughout the seasons it has become closely linked to the Emerald Isle.

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Where was Irish Coffee Invented?

​If you’ve ever set foot on our glorious Emerald Isle, or in any fine dining provider or hotel around the world, as a matter of fact, then chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the famous drink known simply as an Irish Coffee.

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Medium Dscf2897

Where in Ireland is the Blarney Stone?

If you’ve heard of various Irish myths and legends then the chances are you’ve heard of famous Blarney Stone! However, even though the Blarney Stone is famous (and quite rightly so, after all which country wouldn’t want a famous stone?) and well known throughout the world, there are always a few commonly asked questions which we thought we’d answer for you.

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Medium 1004855 Jpg

7 Great Surfing Spots in Ireland

​Ireland is a country defined by her coastlines and relationships with the surrounding seas and oceans. No matter where you are in the country you’re probably no more than 2 hours away from crashing waves, incredible coastal views and, in this case most importantly, great swells and surfing opportunities.

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29746 Krazi Baker

8 Famous Irish Food Exports

​We’ve previously explored Ireland’s most famous exports in terms of sport, music and culture, but now we turn our attention towards one of the most important elements in life – food and drink!

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Clan Gatherings

Irish Clans Explained

Ireland, a land famed for her breathtaking beauty and incredible history, was once dominated by a clan system that can still be seen and felt in the names and townlands of people to this very day.

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15 Famous Irish Quotes We Love

For such a small country, Ireland’s 32 counties has produced some incredible writers, thinkers and spokespeople over the years. We thought we’d collect together some of the best, and most famous, Irish quotes from the men and women around the country who best epitomise the Emerald Isle’s wit and wisdom!

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Ceili Cottage

Irish Around the World: The Céilí Cottage

This is the first feature in our new series “Irish Around the World”, where we look at Irish people, businesses, communities and organisations from across the globe. In our first feature we chatted with Patrick McMurray who built his very own classic Irish pub in Toronto, Canada!

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Medium 230914 Ch200

Irish Nobility Titles Explained

​The Emerald Isle, as is well known, has a long and intricate history dominated by Irish chieftains, Viking invaders and foreign conquerors, amongst others. As a result Irish nobility titles are incredibly varied in name, origin and distinction.

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Nua Tree Logo

Partnering with NuaTree

​You might have seen our recent announcements regarding a “partnership” with an organisation called NuaTree and been wondering what it was all about.

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The Dubliners

Famous Irish Songs for You

Ireland is famous for many things, as we recently explored, but singing and songwriting is right up there as one of our biggest and best exports. From classic Irish trad, to ethereal Celtic hymns and modern rock and pop, the Emerald Isle knows how to make a tune. We’ve listed some of the most famous Irish songs below…

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Oscar Wilde

12 Famous Irish Books Everyone Needs to Read

​As we’ve said before, the Emerald Isle is famous for many things but story telling and literature is definitely one of our greatest exports. It’s well known that us Irish have the famous “gift of the gab” and over the years this has translated into some of the most memorable stories ever put on paper.

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8 Things Ireland is Famous For

For a small nation Ireland well and truly punches above her weight! Think about it. The island of Ireland, north and south, has a population ranging approximately between 5 – 6 million people yet it’s one of the most famous countries in the world.

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Irish Language Signs 752X501

The Irish For...

Whether you’re a tourist, an ancestor of Irish emigrants, or simply have a love and passion for other languages, you might be wondering, “what’s the Irish for…?”

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Rock Of Cashel Co  Tipperary
Ch 120310 062

5 Amazing Lesser Known Causeway Coast Walking Trails

​The Causeway Coastal Route, found right at the top of Ireland on the north coast, is famous for its winding roads on the edge of the Emerald Isle, incredible panoramic views and tiny villages and port towns bursting with culture and craic. As if we weren’t lucky enough the Causeway Coast also boasts some spectacularly beautiful walks and walking trails.

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Web 2693Landscapemalinheaddonegal

9 Irish Blessings We Love

​People on the outside looking in to the Emerald Isle might think us Irish are a strange, superstitious folk but we know better! Our lives can take unexpected twists and turns at any moment and sometimes a little Irish blessing can help ease pain and worry. If that’s all it does then so be it but, of course, there could be more to it all behind the scenes…

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Medium Dark Hedges 1D
Mc Sorleys Old Ale House

Famous Irish Landmarks in the United States of America

​The relationship held between Ireland and the United States of America is long, historic and unbreakable. From the mid-1700s on men, women and children have crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of new life, new opportunities and at times, even just a safe haven from troubles at home.

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17522671 429907554012581 4588891091510832656 N

A Few of Our Irish Landowners

​At Emerald Heritage we're lucky to do what we do. On the one hand we get to help protect and conserve a small area of the Irish landscape and countryside we love. On the other, we help people to reconnect with their Irish roots and ancestors and the culture they cherish.

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Australia Ireland

7 Famous Irish Australians

​Much like the United States of America and Canada, Australia feels like a part of the Irish family that exists beyond the shores of the Emerald Isle. This is in large part due to the swathes of men, women and children that have left Ireland and travelled thousands of miles around the globe from the early 18th century right up to the present day.

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15522 Crawfordsburn Country Park

Easter Traditions in Ireland

To get into the holiday spirit this week we thought we’d take a look at some of these traditions that have lasted generations and generations! Maybe your Irish ancestors celebrated Easter in the same way? Or maybe you even continue the legacy, and connection to the Emerald Isle, to this very day?

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Irish Ports of Emigration

​Ireland is a country dominated by emigration. Everywhere you look, north, south, east and west, and every family you talk to will most likely have a history of immigration within.

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Medium Feb 2012 New Images 02

Driving the Ring of Kerry

​The incredible Ring of Kerry has long been famed as one of Ireland’s most breathtakingly beautiful spots. Over the course of 170+km, skirting around the western Iveragh Peninsula, you’ll experience some of the best landscapes, views and craic anywhere on the Emerald Isle.

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6 Famous Irish American Women to Celebrate

Ireland and its people are fiercely proud of the sons and daughters who leave our shores for pastures new. With that in mind what better way to celebrate International Woman’s Day 2017 than with a look at the legacy of that past? Here are a few Irish American women who, in their own way, have and are making a mark on the world today.

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Where Did the Irish Settle in America?

​The history of Irish emigration to the United States of America is a long and bittersweet tale but the diaspora that now exists, millions of Irish Americans, is the single greatest legacy of one of the toughest times in the Emerald Isle’s history.

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Medium  Pjl2192 Copy

8 Irish Sayings We Love

If you’re ever stuck for what to say you can be sure there’s an Irish saying out there that perfectly encapsulates your thoughts with humour, wisdom, poetry or some combination of all three!

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Slemish Mountain 3

The Story of Saint Patrick and Saint Patrick’s Day

​With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner we thought we’d give a little insight into the story beyond green beer, green rivers and parades. Whilst all of that can be great fun, Saint Patrick, and the feast of Saint Patrick’s Day, is known and celebrated throughout the world primarily due to his legacy of truly establishing Christianity in Ireland and further afield.

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Celtic Cross Glenarm

A Closer Look at the Glens of Antrim

​Ireland is a land steeped in history, tradition and culture. Add to that the natural beauty that surrounds us and we have to admit, we’re incredibly lucky to work towards conserving and celebrating such a wonderful landscape.

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Stars And Stripes

5 Things the Irish have done for America

Ever wondered what the Irish have done for America? There is an indelible link between America & the Emerald Isle that continues to grow deeper and stronger even with the passing of generations and the changing of times. The 2 countries might be separated by geographical size, diversity and the Atlantic Ocean but the connection remains & is constantly revisited by tourists & public figures alike.

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Medium Benevenagh Tree

Why Buy Green?

Every so often, here at Emerald Heritage, we get asked why we do what we do. Of course there are many reasons, including celebrating our own heritage and culture, but one of the driving factors is our hope to truly make a difference!

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Shanes Castle Bridge

Things to do in Ireland

The Emerald Isle is full of wonder and opportunity but if you’re visiting us for the first time you might be thinking – where to begin? Hopefully our suggestions will help inspire your next journey. See you soon…

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All Ireland

Irish Culture

At Emerald Heritage we love more than just the lush green fields and forests of Ireland. We also cherish and celebrate our Irish culture and heritage! Whether it’s sitting in Croke Park surrounded by thousands from your own county or listening to Luke Kelly sing until the hairs on your arms stand to attention, there’s something for everyone here on the Emerald Isle. Read our beginners guide.

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Americas Independence Day

Ireland Role in the United States of America’s Independence

The Irish and the Americans, the USA and the Emerald Isle; we are inextricably linked forever more and part of that is due to Ireland’s role in the United States fight for Independence during the American Revolution. To celebrate this years 4th of July we thought we’d take a quick look back at the impact of our own Emerald Isle on the day when thirteen colonies became one new country.

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Ireland Park Sculpture

5 Irish Canadian Landmarks

Much like with the United States of America, the Irish have always had a strong bond with those across the water in Canada. From early settlements in Newfoundland to the great swathes of immigrants as a result of the famine, up to 14% of Canada’s population today is descendant from the Irish. We thought we would take a look at the lasting legacy & explore 5 major Irish landmarks in Canada today.

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Irish Legend Of Cu Chulainn
The Long Hall

6 Famous Irish Bars

The Irish pub or bar is famed throughout the world. Known for the craic, food, beer and whiskey, what’s not to like? It’s hard to imagine a town or city without one! That being said, there are always poor imitations or bandwagon hoppers so we thought we’d tell you about six of the best and steer you in the right direction!

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Wandering The Wild Atlantic Way

Imagine a trip to Ireland that places you on the edge of the Emerald Isle with nothing but incredible panoramic views, the bracing sea air and miles upon miles to explore. That’s exactly what you get on the Wild Atlantic Way, a journey along the rugged west of Ireland like no other.

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