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How To Find Your Plot


Well, my esteemed Squireens, Squires and Squiress this is the place where you can find all the relevant information you might require. One quick click is all it takes to view and print copies of your documents (before they arrive in the post); edit your email; and secure Land Registry data. It is also where you will locate your special Recommend A Friend code. Here you can play an important role in helping to swell the ranks of the Emerald Heritage family and watch as your reward grows like spuds in the sun.


Locate your plot:

You will be provided with the GPS co-ordinates for your plot (automatically converted from Ireland Ordnance Survey) so you can enter them into a GPS device or (most) smartphones. It will also show a Google map of the location with a ‘pointer’ to your individual plot.

You can find your plot number on both your welcome letter and your certificate. Please note that if you have not yet purchased you can enter one of the sample plot numbers eg [Z636,4AR627] to see where plots are located.

It is worth noting down your co-ordinates and keeping them in a safe place.
That way you can easily access the details and find your plot when (hopefully) you embark on that memorable trip to Ireland.