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  • We can never guarantee that the trees will be planted on your specific plot. The reason for this is that we are working with a a strategic partner to plant native Irish trees on the whole site. We want to create a native woodland which will connect two pieces of ancient woodland on each side of the site. This will improve the amount if available habitat for native creatures, like the rare Red Squirrel. 

  • If you receive an email stating payment is pending this may be because we haven’t (for whatever reason) received payment from your account.

  • Your title is simply a descriptive title as a landowner of an Irish estate. Therefore should you wish any member of your family or friends to apply the same title they would also need to own their own little piece of the Emerald Isle. By purchasing one of our joints packs you can also ensure that your plots are side by side.

  • We deliver to anywhere in the world.

  • Once we receive your payment we will send you confirmation by email and again when it is processed for delivery with your documents included. You can print your documents prior to the official pack arriving in the post. We will despatch your documents within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) of your order being placed. Delivery usually takes from 5 to 7 working days but international purchases may take longer. Please note: Royal Mail will deliver your pack. Emerald Heritage have no control over Royal Mail’s delivery service.

  • No. This is just to demonstrate to you how it would look in a frame.

  • Yes, you can order the gift wrap service during the payment process. This includes natural paper which is hand wrapped along with an emerald green ribbon and sealed with the Emerald Heritage official gold embossed seal.

  • A joint pack it is basically the same as purchasing two single packs and will include exactly the same information. The difference is that the documents come in a single folder. You will also be able to pay for one registration rather than two. You will receive two plots of land beside each other with the full legal documentation of ownership.

  • No, it’s strictly 1 plot/1 person. Should you wish to purchase for two people, you can purchase our joint pack or two single purchase packs, which means they will be both be side by side.

  • Yes you can. You can purchase as many as you wish. If you purchase more than one plot at the same time they will be located beside each other. This cannot be guaranteed if you purchase your plots on other dates.

  • We’d be delighted if you did! You are the legal owner after all. In your purchase pack (delivered along with your certificate) there will be a map, reference, and instructions to find your own patch of Ireland.

  • Yes of course. We can put any date you wish on the documents, perhaps a birth date or anniversary. This will not delay the delivery. You cannot request a year prior to 2014 when the land was purchased.

  • In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your package and as long as the documentation is returned in full, once received, we will ensure a refund (excluding postage and a £5.00 administrative charge as we cannot reuse the packs). See our terms and conditions. 

    Please Note: As these are personalised documents we are not obliged to offer a refund. We cannot offer a refund once the land has been registered with the Land Registry.

  • No. This is simply because the land is transferred by Deed. Some of our customers have bought the land for babies even before they are born. It makes for a wonderful Christening gift.

  • Your documents can be reissued to you with your change of details. Select MyPlot and log in.

  • Yes! It makes a great personal gift for any special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or of course St Patrick’s Day. All you have to do is enter the name of the person you would like to buy the land for and where you want to have it delivered. We have made this easy to follow during the purchasing process on our website. As an added bonus you can even add a personal message of your choice at no extra charge.

  • Yes. The land can be purchased irrespective of nationality. Our customers reside all over the world. However, it should be noted that owning land will not assist you with obtaining a visa or any residency rights but this does not stop you coming to visit your land.

  • Yes you can. We will give you the option to purchase 1 sq ft or a 1 sq ft joint plot during the payment process. You can purchase as many as you wish. If you purchase more than one plot at the same time they will be located beside each other. This cannot be guaranteed if you purchase your plots on other dates.

  • Of course! You can either sell the land on to someone else or leave it in your will. However, you will need to request a re-issue of documents on our website. Select MyPlot and login.

  • For thousands of years after the last Ice Age the natural woods of oak, elm, hazel, pine, birch
    and other Irish native species dominated our landscapes and Ireland was very much a forest culture. The arrival of the Stone Age farmers (around 3000 years ago) was when clearance first started and by the 15th century only 14% of native woodland remained. Sadly by the 1801 this island was completely deforested and only a fraction of the original landscape has returned. We are still the least wooded country in Europe, with merely 1% of our native woodland left. While Irish native woodlands are a valuable part of our past, it is vital they are preserved as part of our future.

  • A native tree is one that has not been introduced by man and occurs naturally. Native trees are perfect for providing food and shelter for our wildlife, manufacturing oxygen for both animals and humans.

    Should you wish to plant your own tree, please ensure that it is native Irish species.

    The Dominant Tree Species are primarily the ones growing wild and include: 

    • Oak – Quercus petraea & Quercus robur 
    • Ash – Fraxinus excelsior
    • Rowan/(Mountain Ash) – Sorbus aucuparia 
    • Birch (Downy) – Betula pubescence 
    • Alder – Alnus glutinosa
    • Hazel – Corylus avellana 

    Some other native species which make up the remainder of our woodlands as pioneer, shrub and under-story trees include: 

    • Silver Birch – Betula pendula
    • Hawthorn – Crataegus monogyna 
    • Holly – Ilex aquifolium 
    • Wild Cherry – Prunus avium 
    • Crab Apple – Malus sylvestris 
    • Aspen – Populus tremula 
    • Willows – Salix, including Goat, Grey, Osier, Bay and several others
    • Guelder Rose – Viburnum opulus 

  • You can leave your title along with your plot of land in your Will upon your death and to whoever you wish to leave it to. You will also have the option to sell your land to someone else. To do this simply order a re-issue of documents on this website.

  • A Master Title Deed is very similar to how a Deed Poll Operates. A person has the right to adopt a title that they have the authority to use and this document confirms one’s intention to do so. By your ownership of a small Irish estate you gain the right to use the title. Included in your pack is a Master Title allowing you the option to change your title should you decide? It will be suffice for banks, credit card companies, utility bills and such.

  • As an Irish Landowner you can refer to yourself as a Squireen. An Irish ‘Squireen’ means Irish Landowner and translated into English means (male form) ‘Squire’ or (female form) ‘Squiress’. It is simply a courtesy title, not a nobility title and this should not be confused as such. You can use your title on your bank details, utility bills and many other forms of identification as long as it is not used illegally for actions such as fraud or money laundering etc.

    We have included your personalised Master Title Deed which is accepted internationally to confirm your change of title on your chosen official documentation. However, it should be noted that some government documentation i.e., passports or driving licenses do not require a title and therefore cannot be changed.

  • We receive all debit and credit card payments via Stripe. We do not store or receive any of your debit or credit card details and this is all carried out securely through Stripe. Your details cannot be accessed by any third parties and Sage Pay delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world with over 4 billion payments securely online every year for over 50,000 businesses of all sizes.

    You will see from the padlock that is visible to your address or status bar on the payment page that your credit or debit card payments are entered onto a secure site. Emerald Heritage uses Stripe to ensure that your card details are not compromised.Stripe’s secure systems are scanned and audited by one of the world’s leading Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) so that you can be assured that you are confidently making a secure payment online.

    Stripe also automatically provide all their customers with fraud prevention tools – in other words if your card has been compromised somewhere else, our e-tailers are using technology that will prevent your details being illegally used on their own site.

  • Should something strange or unexpected happen whilst you are on our site, please Contact Us immediately with as much information as you can.

  • We will NEVER pass your details on to other companies. You can rest assured that any emails you receive will be only from us and not from other companies. Perhaps you could add Emerald Heritage to your Friend’s list so that any email correspondence does not go to junk mail. If you ordered the land for someone else please pass on any emails we send you regarding the land.

  • Sadly due to the situation of the site close to the main Coast Road, through the Glens of Antrim it would not be safe to allow access for camping.  Also, when the site is planted in trees, there will be no space to pitch your tent, as it will be growing into a new native wood!.  

  • No. The total cost is the amount you paid initially to purchase your plot.

    You now own this land and there are no property or any other taxes.

  • You are welcome to scatter ashes on the land but it cannot be used as a burial plot.

  • Yes – many people are interested in scattering their loved one’s ashes there. Woods are nature’s cathedrals – they have a distinctive peaceful and spiritual feel, making them natural resting places. We understand the desire to link your loved one with a such a special place forever, so if you wish to scatter their ashes, please feel free to do so. 

    Access to the site, along the main Coast Road, does not lend itself to parking traffic.  Make sure your park off the road access the site on foot.  Exercise common sense and care at all times. 

    However, for the sake of our woods and visitors please follow the guidelines below to ensure that the land is kept as natural as possible for everyone to enjoy: Please be discreet. You can leave a very small biodegradable marker, ie small stone. Please do not leave silk flowers, casket, paper or plastic wrapping.
    Please don’t:

    • disturb the ground in any way
    • hold a formal ceremony (a small informal gathering is fine)
    • plant anything such as flowers, shrubs or bulbs.
  • Once the plot of land has been legally transferred to you, and in compliance with Contract Law, we ensure that you can define its unique location precisely with an estimate of the latitude and longitude. We also provide you with the exact location using Ireland’s Ordnance Survey reference system.

  • Your land is in Glens Wood (an extension of Cregagh Wood) located within the famous ‘Nine Glens of Antrim’. The landscape has been officially designated ‘An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (ANOB) and has been ranked number five in the world and number one in Europe for its spectacular scenery and magical views.

    • Use the A2 road – known locally as the “Coast Road”, “Causeway Coastal Route” or “Loughareema Road"
    • Land can be found on A2 road above the village of Cushendun
    • Land can be found on A2 road between Cushendall and Ballycastle
    • Land can be found using 3 attached screenshots to this email

    We highly recommend checking out the Loughareema (Vanishing) Lake nearby as well.

    I’d recommend getting a coffee at Ursa Minor in Ballycastle and checking out Murlough Bay also in Ballycastle.

    It is also close to the famous ‘Giants Causeway’and where many of the pivotal scen es were shot for HBO’s Game Of Thrones. Click here






  • Well, it’s really up to you, with a few provisos. You can come and visit the area and take a walk around the land. Feel free to photograph the land and we would be delighted if you email your pics to us so we can post them on our website. You are also welcome to scatter ashes.  

    There are some terms and conditions: 

    1. No shooting
    2. No building
    3. No subdividing your plot
    4. No camping
    5. No flags
    6. No headstones, it cannot be used as a graveyard
    7. No bird tables
  • We have made your plot easy to find. Along with all the legal documentation (put together by our solicitor) is a beautiful presented map with your unique plot number and Ireland Ordnance Survey co-ordinates. You can convert these to GPS co-ordinates by clicking on this website and then entering your unique plot number.

    Note: Exercise caution and common sense when accessing the site, please park your car in a suitable off road site and walk, with caution to the site along the edge of the road ( which can be busy at times). 

  • Of course you can. You do own it after all! 

    Within your pack you will have directions and map reference. You can park your car and wander around the land and view the breathtaking scenery.  One word of caution, the site does not have car parking, so please park in a suitable off-road site and make your way safely along the side of the road, exercising caution, as this road can be busy at times.   For more information on facilities in the area check out