Reconnecting with your Irish heritage, owning a plot of beautiful Irish land and taking the title of Squireen all make up different facets of the Emerald Heritage experience.

If you’re unsure what your Master Title Deed actually means follow the details and instructions below.

What is a Master Title Deed?

The Master Title Deed is a legal document accepted in almost all jurisdictions that asserts your personal right to be known by your new title. As you are an Irish landowner, owning a plot of Emerald Heritage land in the beautiful Irish Glens, you might want to take the official title of “Squireen” simply meaning “Irish landowner”.

A Master Title Deed, when signed and witnessed, allows you to legally use your new title in a way that any organisations, including official government departments and banks, understand and comply with. 

Executing Your Master Title Deed

To undertake your new title you will need to sign your personal Master Title Deed in the presence of a recognised witness. This witness must be aged 18 or over, be able to read and understand English, not be a relation and sign the deed after you. 

After you have executed your new Master Title Deed you will need to provide it as proof with any organisation should you wish to change your correspondence title with them.

We also recommend keeping it in a safe and secure location. 

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