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5 Amazing Lesser Known Causeway Coast Walking Trails

The Causeway Coastal Route, found right at the top of Ireland on the north coast, is famous for its winding roads on the edge of the Emerald Isle, incredible panoramic views and tiny villages and port towns bursting with culture and craic. 

As if we weren’t lucky enough the Causeway Coast also boasts some spectacularly beautiful walks and walking trails.

As the Giant’s Causeway, Dark Hedges and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge grab all the headlines we thought we’d highlight some of the lesser-known walking trails along the Causeway Coast!

You can thank us later!

Cregagh Wood

Cregagh Wood might not be as a famous as other nearby walks and trails but what it lacks in fame it more than makes up for in charm. 

You can find this walk on the Glendun Road a short distance from Cushendun village, just around the corner from Emerald Heritage land, and along the way you’ll stumble across an Old Blacksmith’s Forge, a recently installed Red Squirrels Viewing Hide and beautiful carpets of Bluebells.

 This is a short walk but perfect for those wanting to explore and appreciate a small natural forest at their leisure. 


If you come from County Antrim or have ever visited Ballycastle it’s almost certain that you’ve seen the iconic Fairhead looming in the distance along the coastline. 

This incredible volcanic formation, created over 60 million years ago and featuring gigantic columns up to 12 meters wide, is one of the most memorable sites along the Causeway Coastal Route and makes the perfect platform for this incredible walk on a bright, clear day.

Here you’ll be able to enjoy a cliff edge walk that provides the best panoramic views of the nearby Ballycastle, Murlough Bay and Rathlin Island (the most northerly island in Ireland).

Just be wary that this walk trail covers bogland, grassland, working farms and can be up to 3.5 miles in length. 

Fair Head

Ronan’s Way

The Nine Glens of Antrim are filled with culture, heritage, memories and stories and nowhere better embodies that than Ronan’s Way

This collection of four different walks is named after Ronan McAuley, a Glens man through and through, and all are accessed via the McAuley farm. Each walk, ranging from under a mile to almost 3.5 miles in length, will let you explore Glendun, the “Glen of the Brown River”, which derives its name from peat that colours the rivers water. 

Expect to see otters, foxes, buzzards, fresh Atlantic salmon and trout, alongside McAuley livestock, if you’re lucky…and don’t disturb the peace too much! 

Glenariff Forest Park (Scenic Trail)

The Glens of Antrim, known as the cultural heart of the Causeway Coastal Route, is home to Glenariff Forest Park and for that locals and tourists alike are forever thankful. 

Glenariff Forest Park, known as the jewel in the Glens crown for its majestic waterfalls and spectacular views, might be a bit of a trek for casual walkers at just under 6 miles but believe us when we say it’s worth every minute you spend there and step you take.

In the midst of the forest you’ll feel like you’re a lifetime away from civilization when in actual fact you’re just a short drive (or long walk…) from the likes of Waterfood and Cushendall. When you make your way out of the trees, and away from the waterfalls, you’ll be greeted with incredible views of the deep “Glens” valleys we all hold so dear. 

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Rathlin Island Kebble Cliff Walk

When you set foot on Rathlin Island you can officially say that you’re on the most northerly point of Ireland. How’s that for a unique selling point?

Malin Head might be the most northerly point of the “island” but when it comes to the entirety of Ireland then Rathlin Island wins which is just another reason to come and visit via the ferry at Ballycastle harbour. 

When you do arrive and begin the Kebble Cliff Walk you’ll be greeted with beautiful views along the cliffs, of the surrounding sea, and you’ll be able to look back on the dramatic Causeway Coast as well as see Scotland in the distance when the weather is good! 


We hope this short list inspires you to explore some of the lesser-spotted walking trails of the incredible Causeway Coastal Route.

If you do ramble along these trails take some photos and send them to us! We’d love to see!

For more information or suggestions just get in touch here.


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