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8 Famous Irish Food Exports

We’ve previously explored Ireland’s most famous exports in terms of sport, music and culture, but now we turn our attention towards one of the most important elements in life – food and drink!

Irish, here on the Emerald Isle or further afield, are famed for their love of a good party, good craic and good food and drink and as a result we’ve produced some memorable exports throughout the years.

Have you heard of all of them? 


We might as well start with the most famous of them all. Guinness was first introduced to the world way back in 1759, by Arthur Guinness, and since then it’s become a staple in pubs and restaurants on every corner of the globe! 

This classic Irish stout is famed for it’s dark ruby red (almost black…) body and thick, creamy, head.

They say the best pint of Guinness will always be found in Ireland so, if you haven’t tried it, you’ll have to book a trip over! 

Bushmills Whiskey

Old Bushmills Distillery, supposedly the world’s oldest distillery, was first granted a license for distilling in 1608! Since then, with minor closures and interruptions from time to time, the distillery has been producing one of Ireland’s most famous ever exports.

Did you know that every bottle of Bushmills you ever see, whether you’re in New York, Toronto, Cape Town or Tokyo, comes directly from the distillery in County Antrim and no-where else? 

Kerrygold Butter

Ireland is famed for her lush green fields and no one enjoys these fields more than our cows. 

These grass-fed cows, dotted throughout the country, help to produce an Irish household staple, Kerrygold Butter. For over 50 years Kerrygold have been producing their delicious, creamy, soft butter and Irish ex-pats and immigrants regularly bring it wherever they go in the world!  

Tayto Crisps

If you haven’t tried Tayto Cheese and Onion crisps then you haven’t felt the true joy of a great crisp (chip if you’re on the other side of the Atlantic). 

When we say this is a truly famous Irish food export we mean it. Talk to any Irish man, woman or child throughout the world and chances are they love Tayto Crisps.

*Just be aware there are two brands of Tayto Crisp – we recommend trying both to see which you like better! 

Tayto 1


Wheaten bread, potato bread, soda bread… The mind wanders and the mouth salivates at the thought of these classic Irish offerings. 

No Full Irish breakfast or Ulster Fry is complete without at least one of these offerings and it’s no surprise visitors rave about our bread when they come to the Emerald Isle! 

Jameson Whiskey

John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey was first founded in 1780 by John Jameson, a Scotsman, in Dublin. 

Some prefer Bushmills whilst others prefer Jameson but it’s fair to say that both are equal in terms of famous Irish food and drink exports.

Barry's/Lyon's Tea

Everyone has their favourite tea so we’re not going to choose but it’s fair to say, a proper cup of Irish tea is hard to replicate the further away from Ireland you get! 

How do you take yours? 

Black/White Pudding

Whilst not technically unique to Ireland, black/white pudding is a classic part of the Full Irish and Ulster Fry offerings throughout the country. 

For the uninitiated the ingredients sound questionable at best. Pork fat, beef suet, blood, oatmeal and grains are generally used in various quantities but trust us when we say, it’s well worth trying at least once in your life. 


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