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The Quiet Man

Where in Ireland was The Quiet Man Filmed?

The Ireland we know today might have a long, close-knit, relationship with Hollywood and film in general, with countless Irish men and women making their names on the big screen, but in 1952 the 32 counties we know and love were alien and unknown to many audiences outside of our country. 

That’s just one reason why The Quiet Man, the John Wayne – John Ford classic, released in the same year, has gone on to take a special place in the hearts of locals, tourists and countless others in the years that have since passed. 

The classic romantic comedy, filmed in “Technicolor” which gives it that vintage 1950s feel due to the high saturation of colour, focuses on the trials of Sean Thorton (John Wayne), an Irish-American, who travels to the Emerald Isle to reclaim his family’s ancestral land. 

During his time there Sean falls for Mary Kate Danaher (Maureen O’Hara) but, amongst other things, has to battle with her brother, the spiteful “Red” Will Danaher.

We’ll leave it at that, so as to not spoil the story if you haven’t seen it, but keep an eye out for an infamous fight that includes a pit stop for pints at the bar! 

The Quiet Man Filming Locations

Despite the famous names involved, including Director John Ford who won an Academy Award for the movie, Ireland’s lush countryside and scenic locations arguably steal the show.

So much so that in the decades that have followed, tours and sightseeing trips have been organised in many of the filming locations listed below.


Cong - County Mayo

The village of Cong, straddling counties Mayo and Galway in the west of Ireland, is the most famous Quiet Man filming location as it represents the majority of the fictional Inisfree in the film. 

It remains largely unchanged, from an aesthetic point of view, since filming in 1952 and as a result is a hugely popular tourist location. 

Ashford Castle - County Mayo

The grounds of Ashford Castle, also found in Cong, were used for various scenes throughout filming. 

The castle has stood, in some shape or form, since 1228, was once the home of the High King of Ireland, and was purchased and renovated in 1852 by the Guinness family.

It is now a luxury hotel and tourist destination in its own right. 

Oughterard - County Galway

It’s here in Oughterard, County Galway, that you’ll find the famous Quiet Man bridge on which Sean dreams that his mother tells him about the White O Morn cottage. 

The bridge is essentially untouched and unchanged since the days of filming, is signposted and features a plaque of the main man himself. 

Lettergesh Beach - County Galway

Lettergesh Beach, also found in County Galway, is the setting for the famous horse racing scene which sees Sean hold back and bide his time before eventually winning. 

You might not hear bagpipes, cheering crowds and hammering hooves but the beach is still as beautiful as ever today. 

Ballyglunin Train Station - County Galway

The opening scene of any movie is an important one and in The Quiet Man we see John Wayne roll into Irish hearts via the form of steam train at Ballyglunin Station. 

Unfortunately the station closed in 1976 and succumbed to the elements and time but locals recently organised a fundraising effort that generated more than $35,000 and included patrons like Liam Neeson!

Maam - County Galway

Our final stop is White O’ Morn cottage which can be found in Maam, County Galway. 

Unfortunately the cottage is privately owned and all that now remains is a pile of rubble and loose stone, somewhat resembling the cottage of 1952.


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