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5 Steps to be more Eco Friendly

If you’ve been following our Emerald Heritage story for a while, either as a bonafide Squire, Squiress or Squireen, or just as a curious onlooker, you’ve probably gathered that we care about all things environmental, conservation and eco-friendly. 

The world, and Ireland in particular, is a beautiful, lush and vibrant ecosystem but our actions are taking a toll and things need to change.

Whilst governments and huge organisations struggle with the biggest challenges we can all make our own small contribution with just a few simple steps…

Use Less Paper

Paper is a massive drain on the environment as a whole.

Luckily, using less paper has never been easier.

From a business or bills point of view, switching to e-statements is a quick and easy way to use less paper and instantly become more eco friendly.

At home, instead of using countless paper towels to mop up spills and mess, why not use reusable cloths that simply need washed and rinsed every so often? 

Use Canvas Bags

We all know plastic is a huge environmental killer but thankfully governments are slowly starting to phase less important plastic products out of our lives. 

The easiest, and quickest, way to reduce your plastic use is by switching to canvas bags or saving and reusing your plastic bags for supermarket shops. 

Compost! Compost! Compost!

Of our five eco friendly recommendations composting fits the Emerald Heritage ethos the best! 

Composting is simply the collection of natural waste that you’d otherwise throw away. You can collect this material in a compost bin or as a pile in your yard or garden.

All the natural goodness created by your compost pile can then be spread across your plants and garden and return into the eco system. Rather than being thrown away. Perfect! 

Go Metal

When we say “go metal” we don’t mean grow your hair, rip your jeans and start listening to Metallica in your garage! 

What we actually mean is, where possible switch to stainless steel products instead of metal.

Two really practical examples are water bottles and straws. Switching to reusable metal versions of both with drastically cut down on your plastic consumption, help you live more eco friendly and make our planet that little bit greener! 

Carpool or Cycle

Ok, we admit it. Our final recommendation isn’t the easiest to implement depending on where you are in the world. 

We completely understand that in some countries a car is just an essential part of life. That being said, if you have the opportunity to carpool or cycle during certain parts of your week then take it!

In 2017 41% of all work journeys in Copenhagen, Denmark, were via bicycle and that started from small beginnings so even a small change can make a difference over the long run! 


See? How easy is that? 

With just a few small, simple changes all of us can help contribute and live in a more eco friendly way.

If we’ve missed out any easy additions then let us know! 

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