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A Guide to the Guinness Storehouse

Chances are you’ve seen, heard of, or had your very own pint of Guinness before.

Ireland’s most famous export (well, maybe after U2’s Bono…) has been the Emerald Isle’s drink of choice for countless decades if not centuries!

The famous pint of black, dark ruby red with a thick creamy head, was first brewed up by Arthur Guinness way back in 1759! Since then it’s been brewed in over 50 countries and is currently available in over 120.

Such a resounding success, and internationally loved brand, was always going to attract tourists and visitors and so the Guinness Hop Store, and eventually the Guinness Storehouse, was born!  

What is the Guinness Storehouse?

The Guinness Storehouse is a multi-level tourist attraction, museum, exhibition, restaurant and bar dedicated to the famous pint of black stuff! 

If you thought we loved our Guinness beforehand, now you really know.

The Guinness Storehouse sits in the very brewery where Arthur Guinness began the journey all those years ago. Way back in 1759, at St James’s Gate, Arthur signed a 9000-year lease for the site at just £45 per year! We think you’ll agree in saying, what a deal!

The Storehouse sits within the famous St James’s Gate Brewery, and the building used was once a fermentation plant, used in operation from 1902 to 1988, where yeast was added to the famous brew.

Now, the Storehouse is a 7-floor exhibition and attraction featuring various floors on the ingredients, brewing process, transport, advertising and more. At the very top of the Storehouse is the world famous Gravity Bar where you can enjoy a pint of the black stuff as well as 360 degrees views of Dublin below you.

Did we forget to mention that the entire building is built to look like a massive Guinness pint glass? If you wanted to actually fill the building you would need 14.3 million pints to do so! 

Where is the Guinness Storehouse?

Guinness Storehouse

Thankfully, for those not native to Dublin city, the Guinness Storehouse is relatively easy to find!

From an eagle-eye perspective you’ll find the Storehouse on the south side of Dublin, just across the river, but still very much a part of the city centre. 

For tourists, or new visitors to the city, it’s in a handy spot as the Storehouse is roughly located directly in between the Ha’penny Bridge and Kilmainham Gaol meaning you can plan to tick all the big sights off your list without breaking stride!

If you want the exact address then you’ll find the Guinness Storehouse at St James’s Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8. 

How to Get to the Guinness Storehouse?

You can travel to the Storehouse by foot, car, bus or tram. 

We would recommend talking a walk, if possible, to soak in the sights and sounds of the city. If you do decide to walk simply head west on College Green towards Grafton Street, follow the road until you pass Christ Church Cathedral on your right, continue onto Thomas Street then turn left onto Crane Street. At the end of Crane Street, turn right onto Market Street at up ahead, on your right, you’ll find the Storehouse waiting for you!

You can also travel via car, bus or tram and more details can be found on the official Storehouse website here

Guinness Storehouse Opening Hours

The Guinness Storehouse opens daily at 9.30am and closes at 5pm. During the peak summer months of July and August the centre closes at the slightly later time of 6pm.

Please be aware that opening hours may be altered, or the Storehouse may be closed, during public holidays. Check beforehand to avoid being disappointed. 

Guinness Storehouse Tickets

Since opening its doors in December 2000 the Guinness Storehouse has welcomed well over 4 million visitors. A ridiculously huge number, we think you’ll agree! 

As it’s so popular we would highly recommend booking your tickets in advance if possible. Check out the official Storehouse website here


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