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How to Say Cheers in Irish

Here in Ireland we’re lucky.

We might be a small country, just a tiny little island on the edge of the Atlantic, and we might get the odd drop of rain (understatement…), but that smallness has lead to a familiarity and oneness that other countries might not have in the same way.

As a result, if you walk in to most Irish pubs throughout the country you’ll most likely be welcomed with open arms and a smile. 

That’s all well and good of course but you need to return the favour, join in the craic and provide a toast if needs be… 

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to say “Cheers” in Irish so follow along…

How to Say Cheers in Irish

How to say “Cheers” in Irish? Easy!

Just say “Sláinte!”

“Sláinte” is the closest word to the English “Cheers”. It’s a bit like “Prost” in German or “kanpai” in Japanese.

At a very basic level it literally translates to “health” and has been used as a drinking toast for centuries. 

If this is your first time seeing the word then you roughly pronounce it phonetically like “slawn-che” or “slawn-cha”.

Luckily, nobody in the pub will be too bothered about your pronunciation so just give it a good go and crack on!

If you’d like to go one step further you could say “Sláinte mhaith” which translates to “good health” and is essentially a little stronger than the regular toast.

“Sláinte chugat” is another step further and means “health to you” or you could get really poetic and say “Sláinte agus táinte” and means “health and wealth!”

Not a bad combination we think.


So, there you have it.

Next time you walk in and order a pint of the black stuff, you’ll be able to confidently toast whoever is talking your ear off! 

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