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Irish Likes and Dislikes

Whether you’re born and bred in the Emerald Isle, have Irish family, or just a random Irish friend, chances are that you’ll know we’re a passionate people for the most part. 

We care deeply, take things to heart and tend to overreact…from time to time.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. We’re lovers rather than fighters!

Either way, we thought we would collect together some classic Irish likes and dislikes for your reading pleasure. 

Irish Likes 

“A good cup of tea.”

In Ireland a good cup of tea is considered the cure to 99% of all ailments. 

Never mind that tea isn’t actually Irish. Even though it originally came from Asia we’ve taken the beverage in as our own. For such a small island we’ve actually got plenty of variety when it comes to tea with the likes of Barry’s, Lyon’s, Punjana and Nambarrie, all vying for our attention.


The First and Third Sundays in September 

Traditionally the first and third Sundays in September were the days when the Football and Hurling GAA All-Ireland Finals were held at Croke Park in Dublin. 

For the uninitiated it might come as a surprise but the GAA is a religion in Ireland. Every year all 32 counties battle towards the ultimate glory of being crowned All-Ireland champions and the final days represent the pinnacle of the calendar.

The dates have been changed in recent years but the passion remains the same.


Bruce Springsteen

By all accounts Bruce Springsteen is more Italian than Irish but that hasn’t stopped a nation of Irish taking him to their hearts.

As the years go by you’d think the Boss’ popularity might fade but the opposite seems to be true. Every time he announces a new tour, usually stopping at Croke Park in Dublin, the tickets sell out instantly.



It’s not an Irish stereotype. A large majority of people on the island really do love the black stuff. 

Wander into any Irish pub, up and down the country, on a weeknight or party during the weekend, and chances are you’ll see plenty of pints of Guinness being enjoyed by men and women of all ages.


Irish Beaches 

When you think about it, Ireland is a tiny little island on the edge of the Atlantic surrounded by coasts. 

At any given point in Ireland you’re no more than 3 hours away from the sea…which is crazy when compared to some massive landlocked nations out there in the world.

As a result, we love our beaches.

From the beaches surrounding Dublin, to the Causeway Coast in the north, to the majestic Wild Atlantic Way in the west, we have it all when it comes to beaches.


Irish Coffee

Every wondered how the Irish Coffee was invented? Click here.

This delicious little treat manages to combine coffee, cream, and (some would say most importantly…) whiskey, all in one glass.

The drink is particularly popular during cold winter nights and the Christmas holidays.


Father Ted

During the mid 1990s, on Channel 4 in the UK, a small TV series called Father Ted was released to the masses.

The series followed the trials and tribulations of three Irish Catholic priests, Father Ted, Father Dougal and Father Jack, and their housekeeper Mrs Doyle, on a tiny fictional island off the west coast of Ireland. 

Little did the creators know but Father Ted would go on to become hugely popular and instantly quotable forever more.


Traditional Irish Music Session

Traditional Irish music sessions aren’t just the realm of tourist traps and TV or movie screens.

Every night, up and down the country, you could easily stumble into an impromptu traditional session without even trying.

You just have to pick the right pub…


Irish Dislikes


The Rain 

This might come as a shock to outsiders. 

You’d think, considering just how much it rains, that Irish people would be used to it.

While we might be used to it, and whilst it might help retain the beautiful emerald countryside we’re famous for, we definitely don’t like it!


Leaving the Immersion on

Leaving the immersion on is a guaranteed fast-track way to have yourself banished from any Irish house. 

The results (scalding water, broken equipment etc.) can be serious but it’s become a cliché in Ireland and for that, it’s a classic Irish dislike.


Getting stuck behind Tractors

We might have growing cities like Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast but the countryside is never too far away.

Whilst that means plenty of fresh air, nature and glorious scenery, it also means getting stuck on a small country road behind a slow moving tractor with no escape in sight!

The moves further up the list depending on just how late you are!


Long Winters

Our summers can be truly, truly beautiful but believe us when we say Irish winters are awful!

Irish winters aren’t as aggressive or dramatic as those you might have in the USA or Canada but they last forever, or seem to at the very least.

For tourists, hoping around the country in a matter of days, this means cosy nights in the pub, the twinkle of the lights in Dublin and beautiful winter walks.

For locals it means 5-6 months of dark nights, relentless rain and the odd burst of ice and snow!


Getting stuck outside without a Coat

Every Irish man and woman will have grown up with their mum’s shouts of “don’t forget to bring a coat” ringing in their ears. 

As a result we all harbour eternal fears of leaving the house under dressed or unprepared for the unpredictable Irish climate outside…



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