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What do the Irish Eat?

Ireland, like most countries nowadays, is filled with food and drink from all over the world. Walk into any supermarket, or down any high street, and you’ll be able to grab American style burgers and fries, Indian curries, Italian dining, Mexican burritos and so much more. 

Despite the influx of new dishes there are still plenty of Irish classics that remain staple parts of many Irish household diets. Here are just a few of those classics…

Champ, Boxty, Mash...Potatoes!

We know it’s a stereotype but most Irish do generally love a nice potato…thanks in large part to being raised on them! 

Interestingly, the Irish potato we know and love today isn’t Irish at all! The classic white potato originates from the South Americas and made its way to Ireland via Europe! 

Nevertheless, we love them in all shapes, sizes and forms. Boiled, roasted, mashed, turned into Champ with milk, butter and spring onions, or fried into Boxty.

You name it, we’ve tried it! 

Irish Stew

If you’ve ever visited the Emerald Isle you’ll know that we’re not always blessed with the warmest, or even driest, of climates. As a result, we generally need warm, hearty meals to keep us toasty!

Step forward, Irish Stew!

This classic Irish dish basically entails throwing a lot of stuff into a big pot and leaving it there to “stew” for a few hours before enjoying. Ingredients change depending on personal preference and recipe but a few staples include potatoes, carrots, onions, parsley and some form of meat. Perfect for a cold, wet winters eve!

Vegetable Soup

Much like Irish Stew, Vegetable Soup is the perfect dish for a cold winter night and it’s still extremely popular today despite being relatively basic and traditional. 

A classic vegetable soup mix includes the likes of barley, lentils, peas, leeks, celery, carrots, potatoes (obviously…), stock and in some cases meat, although this addition is completely optional. 


As the seasons change fresh spring lamb is almost expected on Irish menus up and down the country.

In most cases you will usually find a side of lamb paired with potatoes, fresh vegetables and, on occasion, a mint sauce. 


You can’t live on an island as small as Ireland, surrounded 360 degrees by water, and not end up with some of the best seafood in the world!

If you’re a fan then you’re in for a treat with fresh oysters, Dublin Bay prawns and wild salmon amongst the available catches at various points in the year. 

Soda, Wheaten, Potato...Bread!

If you think Irish people love potatoes, just wait until you introduce bread to the table! 

For whatever reason, us Irish love bread and, without boasting too much, we probably make some of the tastiest bread in the world.

Wheaten bread, soda bread, potato bread, fadge, soda farls… You might be surprised at just how many variations of bread we have on offer! Don’t leave the country without trying a few. 

Guinness, Jameson, Bushmills...

Pop your head in the door of any pub around the country and you’re almost 100% guaranteed to find Guinness on draft and Jameson, Bushmills and Bailey’s by the bottle, behind the counter.

This isn’t some homage to history. These drinks have retained their popularity over decades and decades because, well, they’re damn tasty!

On the non-alcoholic side we’re famous for our love of tea, an Asian import that somehow became an essential part of every Irish kitchen over the years. Funny how the world works!

Bonus points if you know, or remember, what “Football Special” is!


There you have it!

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