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When to Travel to Ireland

You’ve probably noticed before but we’re big fans of Ireland and the romance and attraction of the Emerald Isle. 

However, even though we’re Ireland’s biggest fans, we understand that not everyone can visit all the time and as such, you probably want to figure out the best time to come over.

As you’ll see, there are pros and cons for each of the four seasons so it really comes down to personal preference but read on for an insight into each of the seasons and a few choice recommendations.


Spring is probably the most overlooked of the four seasons in Ireland. 

Compared to the weather, colours and atmosphere of the other seasons and after the highs of Christmas and New Year holidays things usually feel much more subdued but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to enjoy.

One of the unique pleasures of spring is to walk through the countryside as new life bursts into view for another year. Flowers blooming, birds chirping and lambs playing in the fields all make for a wonderful sight.

We would recommend visiting the Botanic Gardens of both Dublin and Belfast as you’ll get to see new life come into bloom. Spring would also be the perfect time to explore the majestic Mourne Mountains if you’ve got your hiking boots handy!

Whatever you’re doing be sure to have a good raincoat handy as Irish weather in the Spring can turn in an instant! 


As with most other countries summer in Ireland is generally the best time of the year to visit if you’re weather conscious… although beware that in Ireland “summer” is more of a mindset than a guarantee of warm, sunny days! 

Don’t let that put you off though!

We might be biased but there really is no better spot in the world than Ireland on a glorious sunny day and when that happens you’ll find everyone down by the beach or wandering our beautiful national parks and walkways.

A visit to the Cliffs of Moher would be perfect on a good summers day as you’ll get to enjoy the cliffs with a clear, unobstructed, view. Likewise a trip around the Ring of Kerry, or a wander along the Wild Atlantic Way, would be highly recommended.

Another recommendation, slightly off the beaten track, is the Cuilcagh Trail, also known as the Fermanagh walkway. This boardwalk runs for 1.6km up the Cuilcagh Mountain and gives incredible views on a good day. Well worth a look! 


Despite the benefits of Spring and Summer we would highly recommend visiting Ireland during the autumn because this famously green country turns a myriad of reds, oranges, yellows, purples and browns during this stage of the year. 

The temperatures might be dropping and the nights closing in as the days grow shorter but the colours make up for it!

If you’re visiting during the autumn we would recommend a trip to Phoenix Park in Dublin, Glenveagh National Park in Donegal, Glenariff in County Antrim and the countless other forest parks dotted around the country. 


Look, we all know that Ireland has its fair share of rain, wind and cold weather but don’t let that put you off visiting us during the winter months! 

Surprisingly, for some, Ireland can be much milder than other countries in the western world during winter. You’ll find that winters can be much more severe along the east coast of the USA, Canada, Germany and much of eastern Europe.

So, with that in mind, why not come to the Emerald Isle for a cosy pint of the black stuff, or a bowl of Irish stew, by a roaring fire?!

Visiting Ireland during the winter months can be a brilliant experience…if you’re properly prepared! Frosty mornings, cosy evenings, dustings of snow and the build up to Christmas holidays all combine for a great visit.

We would recommend visiting Newgrange in the winter to experience that eerie feeling of the turning of the years. You might also enjoy checking out some of the indoor attractions like Titanic Belfast or the Guinness Storehouse.


Ireland in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter can be brilliant and beautiful for loads of different reasons.

Which season do you want to visit in? 

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