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The Irish Grannys Pocket Book Of Bread And Baking

☘ New Irish Gift Range for Christmas  ☘

We very much hope you are well during these precarious and unusual times.

We just do not know the moment we could face another lock-down or delays in the postal system, so we have decided to launch our new range of Irish products for Christmas today. These gifts can be ordered alone, without having to purchase land. Or they can be purchased as a lovely addition to compliment your land pack.

We have a wonderful selection of favourite Irish books, from Celtic Colouring, Magnetic Cookery Books and 925 Sterling Silver Celtic Jewellery.

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If there are any products you would like us to introduce, please email us.

There is some exciting news on the horizon, so please look out for our next blog.

The perfect gift for those with Irish Roots

Your own little piece of Ireland

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