Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Native Tree?

A native tree is one that has not been introduced by man and occurs naturally. Native trees are perfect for providing food and shelter for our wildlife, manufacturing oxygen for both animals and humans.

Should you wish to plant your own tree, please ensure that it is native Irish species.

The Dominant Tree Species are primarily the ones growing wild and include: 

  • Oak – Quercus petraea & Quercus robur 
  • Ash – Fraxinus excelsior
  • Rowan/(Mountain Ash) – Sorbus aucuparia 
  • Birch (Downy) – Betula pubescence 
  • Alder – Alnus glutinosa
  • Hazel – Corylus avellana 

Some other native species which make up the remainder of our woodlands as pioneer, shrub and under-story trees include: 

  • Silver Birch – Betula pendula
  • Hawthorn – Crataegus monogyna 
  • Holly – Ilex aquifolium 
  • Wild Cherry – Prunus avium 
  • Crab Apple – Malus sylvestris 
  • Aspen – Populus tremula 
  • Willows – Salix, including Goat, Grey, Osier, Bay and several others
  • Guelder Rose – Viburnum opulus