Some Fun!.  As an Irish Landowner, you can rightly refer yourself as a Scuibhéirín or Squireen. A Squireen or if your prefer Squiress for a lady,  means Irish Landowner ’. It is simply a courtesy title, not a nobility title and this should not be confused as such!. You can use your title on your bank details, utility bills and many other forms of identification as long as it is not used illegally for actions such as fraud or money laundering etc.

We have included your personalised Master Title Deed which is accepted internationally to confirm your change of title on your chosen official documentation. However, it should be noted that some government documentation i.e., passports or driving licenses do not require a title and therefore cannot be changed.

A Master Title Deed is very similar to how a Deed Poll Operates. A person has the right to adopt a title that they have the authority to use and this document confirms one’s intention to do so. By your ownership of a small Irish estate you gain the right to use the title.

Included in your pack is a Master Title allowing you the option to change your title should you decide? It will be suffice for banks, credit card companies, utility bills and such alike.

You can leave your title along with your plot of land in your Will upon your death and to whom you wish to leave it to. You as the owner will also have the option to sell your land to someone else.