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4 Sq Ft Plot

2 plots – 2 ft x 2 ft

Plot 4Ft Joint

Your pack will include:

  • Access to the estate
  • Personalised booklet
  • Photograph of land
  • Map of estate, directions & co-ordinates
  • Personalised legal documentation & certificate
  • Master Title Deed
  • Beautiful Document Folder
  • Game of Thrones Map
  • Visitor Guide
  • One of the Worlds Great Road Journey map
  • Information about St. Patrick and his centre
  • Land Registry fee
  • Invitation to our Irish Annual Events

  • 10% Family Discount

    10% Family Discounts

    Families interested in owning 4 or more plots of Irish land (4 single plots/2 joint square foot plots) together will receive a 10% discount at the checkout as a thank you for their support and conservation of the Irish countryside

    Person One

    Person Two

    Terms and Conditions of Ownership

    Naturally there are some terms and conditions to ownership:

    • No shooting
    • No building
    • No subdividing your plot
    • No use as a commercial campsite
    • No flags
    • Only bio-degradable items to be left on the land

    We would like to stress that this is a courtesy title. Squireen can be used purely for fun, but it is also within your rights to employ the title on bank details, utility bills, and many other forms of identification.

    It’s not possible to build a homestead on your newly acquired plot in the Old Country, but don’t mistake it as some mere memento.

    This living, breathing piece of glade in the Glens affords each owner legitimate rights. You can plant a tree on it, lay a plaque or stone, or even scatter ashes. You can pass it on to future generations, or come and visit whenever you want.

    It sounds like a legal minefield mired in a mass of red tape, but there’s no need to worry. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

    Emerald Heritage has left no stone unturned (Blarney or otherwise) to ensure your smooth transition from proud Irishman/woman to titled landowner.

    Every legal detail has been scrutinised; every official process strictly adhered to.

    All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

    So what exactly do I get for my money? 

    A personalised Master Title Deed will be included in your package along with official legal deed and documentation of land ownership. Emerald Heritage is delighted to have an excellent working relationship with the land Registry and together we have formulated a unique system that allows plots purchased via our website to be officially registered.

    To comply with Contract Law we also need to precisely define each plot location using Ireland’s Ordance Survey reference system. We forward these details to you, together with GPS co-ordinates should you ever want to visit. There is also a page on this website entitled ‘My Plot’ that allows you to key in your unique plot number. You will then be directed to your small corner of the Emerald Isle this via Google Maps.

    On a lighter note you will also be an authentic Squireen (in English that’s Squire/male, Squiress/female). A title used by Irish landowners dating back to the 19th century, anyone can, in truth, call themselves Squireen. Of course for you that title now carries genuine validity, after all you are a fully fledged Irish landowner.

    We would, however, like to stress that this is a courtesy title (and also to distance ourselves from rogue sites claiming to sell titles). Squireen can be used purely for fun, but it is also within your rights to employ the title on bank details, utility bills, and many other forms of identification.