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Guinness Pints

Which Irish Drinks are Famous?

Ireland is famous for many things and when people think of the Emerald Isle they think of our incredible landscape, breathtaking coasts, the “craic”, our famous sons and daughters and also our drinks. 

From Guinness to Irish coffee to a plain old cup of tea, Irish people up and down the country love nothing better than enjoying a good drink together.

For the most part, this is a social thing rather than anything specifically related to the drinks but over the years some have become more famous than others…


We know, we know… We couldn’t start without highlighting Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness. 

The famous “pint of black” has become a national icon and you can almost guarantee that you’ll be served a pint of Guinness in any bar in the world, if you ask nicely enough. No small feat when you consider the size of Ireland!

Known for its distinctive taste, colour (actually a dark ruby red rather than black) and creamy head, the famous pint has become beloved the world over since its first inception by Arthur Guinness way back in 1759!

Irish Coffee

If you’ve never had an Irish coffee then you’re missing out. 

For the uninitiated an Irish coffee is a combination of black coffee, a shot of whiskey, brown sugar and some cream. The result is a delightful mix of hot and cold, soft and hard, black and white.

It was born on the west coast of Ireland during a stormy night in the 1940s and we have Chef Joe Sheridan to thank for a drink that’s lasted the ages. For more on the Irish coffee story click here

Bushmills Whiskey

16846 Bushmills Distillery

A list of famous Irish drinks wouldn’t be complete without Bushmills Whiskey. 

The famous triple distilled malt whiskey comes from Ireland’s oldest distillery and one of the oldest in the world! The land on which the distillery still stands to this day was first granted a permit for distilling way back in 1608!

Incredibly, the distillery is still open and operating today. You can visit and tour the grounds to get the proper sights, sounds and smells of a real-life working distillery.

You can also be sure that every bottle of Bushmills, no matter where you see it in the world, has come from this one famous spot in Ireland. Crazy!

Jameson Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey is just as famous as Bushmills Whiskey but did you know that it was actually first created by a Scotsman? Well know you do! 

The famous whiskey, which generally graces the drinks collection of every self-respecting bar worldwide, has long been an Irish favourite and even features in our famous exports list here



Poitín, or potcheen as it’s sometimes called, is a traditional Irish drink that technically shouldn’t exist… 

The drink, which was largely made in rural areas in centuries gone by, is colourless and highly alcoholic (40-90% ABV) depending on production and ingredients which usually includes some mix of cereals, grains, whey, sugar beet, molasses and potatoes.

The name derives from the small pot used for distillation and although it might not sound too tempting, it can still be found in Ireland if you ask the right people…


Every Irish household will have a bottle of Bailey’s stashed somewhere. 

The famous whiskey and cream drink was first produced in 1974, by Gilbey’s of Ireland, and is highly popular during the Christmas holiday season every year. It’s also used, on occasion, in Irish coffees although traditionalists would advise against it in favour of the original recipe.

Interestingly, the signature on the front of Bailey’s bottles is fake and the person in question doesn’t exist. The idea was inspired by Bailey’s Hotel in London!

Bulmer's Cider

Bulmer’s Cider, also known as Magner’s Cider outside of Ireland, is staple of Irish bars throughout the country and well known for its crisp, fresh taste. It’s particularly popular during the summer months as an alternative to regular beers. 

The company was first started in Clonmel, south Tipperary, in 1935 by local man William Magner and it’s also responsible for the creation of the popular apple flavoured soft drink Cidona which was sold in 2007. 


Barrys Tea

Tea, as we know it, might not necessarily come from Ireland but ask any man, woman or child in Ireland and they’ll consider it as Irish as any other drink on this list.      

So much so that countless Irish tea brands, including the likes of Barry’s, Lyon’s, Punjana and Bewley’s, have become famous up and down the country with each household having their own favourite make.

A word to the wise, don’t refuse an Irish cup of tea when you come visit. 


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