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Why Ireland is the Best Country in the World

We know. 

When it comes to choosing “the best country in the world” we might be slightly biased. However, us Irish are infamous for being too humble and doing ourselves a disservice so hear us out.

We feel like we do a pretty good job of showing just how incredible a country Ireland is but, if you’re still not 100% convinced, read on… 


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One of the most dramatic elements about Ireland as a country is its incredible history dating back centuries upon centuries. 

It’s widely reported that the island has been inhabited since 10,500 BC and the road to modern day Ireland has been long, winding and storied.

Just a quick snapshot reveals that Dublin has been inhabited since at least 140 AD, Glendalough was first established during the 6th century, Blarney Castle was built in 1446, Guinness was invented in 1759 and the Titanic set sail and left these shores in 1912!

These are literally just tiny snapshots to give an indication. Alongside all of that we’ve experienced a Norman Invasion in the 12th century, a United Irishmen Rebellion in 1798, an Easter Rising in 1916 and the Troubles of the north during the latter half of the 20th century.

Thankfully, despite a turbulent history, Ireland stands strong and peaceful today and we love the depth of history and heritage around every corner!

Beautiful Scenery

Eh Silent Valley

Plenty of nations can claim ownership to beautiful scenery. 

We’ll happily admit it, but there’s something enchanting about Ireland and for such a small island we pack a whole lot of punch into these shores. Just ask Game of Thrones’ location hunting production crew…

Walk through the winding streets of Dublin, Belfast, Galway or Cork and we guarantee you’ll be swept up in the classic look and feel of these historic cities. Likewise, a short drive along the rugged Wild Atlantic Way, through the Ring of Kerry, or along the incredible Causeway Coastal Route, will leave the majority of onlookers open-mouthed and star struck! 

Beyond that, the historic Ancient East of Ireland provides one iconic landmark after another and we haven’t even begun to talk about the nation’s national parks!

On top of all of that we’ve got too many attractions to name! From the beautiful Glendalough to the Giant’s Causeway to the colour-soaked houses of Cobh in Cork to the dominating Cliffs of Moher in the west…

See? Too many to name! 

Delicious Food and Drink

From the outside looking in, Ireland might not be as famous as other countries for its culinary delights. 

France, Spain, Mexico, Italy and Thailand are just a few of the famous names to dominate the world food scene and us Irish will never seek to reach those heady heights but not for the reason you might think.

Irish food and drink is one of our best kept secrets as a nation…

Warm bowls of steaming Irish Stew, paired with freshly baked wheaten bread covered in real butter, beautiful lamb dishes, freshly caught fish along our coasts and in our rivers and so much more, will make even the most stubborn of men and women reconsider their opinions about Irish food.

Wash all of that down with a classic pint of Guinness (the most famous drink in the world…), a wee nip of Bushmills or Jameson’s, or a tasty Irish coffee and we think you’ll agree there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Irish food and drink. 

The Craic

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Last, but absolutely not least, is “the craic”. 

The reason we’ve put the craic in quotations above is twofold. First, many outside of the Emerald Isle might never have heard of the craic before and secondly, it can be hard to define what it actually is.

For some the craic can be a small family get-together, story telling and a simple cup of tea. For others it’s a night on the town, rolling from pub to pub, with a heady mix of laughter, music and drink all in the mix.

For others again the craic can be a positive vibe, a great story or joke teller, a welcoming atmosphere and so much more again. Whatever it is, it’s an essential part of the Irish experience and what truly makes Ireland the best country in the world…in our opinion anyway! 


Are you convinced? 

From a quiet cup of tea with friends to a pint of the black stuff and a traditional music session in a pub, from the dramatic Cliffs of Moher to the breath-taking solitude of Glendalough and from the classic Irish “craic” to so much more, we think we’ve made our case for the Emerald Isle.

Do you agree?

We know everyone has a soft spot for their own nation and we’re not asking you to turn your back on your homeland but…let us know what you think of Ireland! 

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